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About Orange County Treatment

US Treatment Finders was founded by families and individuals who struggled with the battle of addiction, along with the help of professionals from within the Drug & Alcohol Treatment Industry.

Our Mission is to FIND quality, successful treatment centers who are focused on helping those in addiction…. and connect you to them. ITS THAT SIMPLE… and our referral wont cost you ANYTHING.

No Insurance? NO PROBLEM, the affordable healthcare act now requires insurance companies to provide coverages that could pay up to 100% OF YOUR TREATMENT.

Live a Better and Healthier Life Through Addiction Rehabs

Substance addiction has increased in present times a great many individuals are caught in the never-ending trap of addiction. However, this trap does have an escape in the form of addiction rehabilitation centers. The addiction rehabilitation center helps the patient to rebuild confidence and recover from addiction completely

The Tricky Game of Addiction Recovery

Oftentimes individuals are crestfallen after reading about the rates at which recovery from drug addiction takes place. Generally speaking, addiction recovery rates are pretty low, even though the fluctuation of statistics directly correlates with the type of drug in question. Some drugs, most certainly, are more difficult to kick, while with other less potent drugs, it may be easier to escape their grip. There are institutions that will make available a variety of methods of treatment for drug addiction, e.g., the utilization of both medication and outpatient cognitive therapy can prove to create fruitful results.